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4 Tips for Creating Brand Identity

4 Tips for Creating Brand Identity

If you tried two unlabeled sodas, would you be able to distinguish Coke from Pepsi? Most people cannot. However, if a Coke and Pepsi were both put in front of you, would you have a preference? Most people would choose Coke. This is the impact of having a powerful brand identity. When consumers explain why they choose one product or service over another, they tend to mention all of the tangible, or real differences, between the two. The actual reason behind all of the tangible differences is strong brand identity.

So what exactly is brand identity? A brand’s identity is bigger than the actual product or service that is being sold. It is how a business seeks to identify itself within a market. A strong brand identity has a very distinct uniqueness about itself that makes it distinguishable from competitors. Brand identity is so much stronger than just an image. It encompasses a brand’s values, culture, personalities, passions, and everything else that formulates a business and it’s brand. The importance of brand identity could not be stressed enough! It is what leads to brand loyalty and high credibility, which are both essential to success. A well-established brand identity will have consumers happily paying a premium for your product or service. This is the difference between consumers picking a branded or generic product/service. Here are some simple tips that will help you and your business create your brand identity!


Position Your Brand

When you are ready to position your brand, think about the place in your niche, or target market, that you want to really grasp and own. Focus on the benefits that you want your consumers to think of when they think of your brand. Brand positioning and brand credibility go hand in hand. A brand that has strong positioning is maximizing its brand value as well. Remember to keep it personal and create touch points along the customer journey. In other words, maximize your customer relevancy and competitive distinctiveness. Once you nail this down, keep a clear aim at your target and your goals by focusing your marketing strategies on incorporating your business into consumer’s daily lives.


Identify Your Mission

Of course, a top goal of any business is to make money, but the businesses with the best brand identities devote themselves to a cause much greater. Also known as thebrand mantra“, the mission of your business is fundamental to brand identity and maintaining customer loyalty. It is the absolute soul of your brand as it is a promise that must be deliverable. When identifying your mission, focus on the values that embody your business and bring them to life in your mission! For example, Coca-Cola is not just about selling beverages. Their mission statement is: “to refresh the world in mind, body, and spirit. To inspire the moments of optimism and happiness through our brand and actions. To create value and make a difference.” This is the key difference between a product and a brand!


Pinpoint What Makes You Different

It is really important to be able to answer, “What would your customers be missing if you didn’t exist?” If your business is unique to the market, this won’t be hard to answer. However, your business most likely isn’t the only one in your market. Therefore, it is vital for your business to be different. When identifying what makes you different, also establish your business essence. This is the emotional connection that one feels to a brand. For example, Disney’s essence would be “magic” and Apple’s would be “innovative.”


Reflect Your Brand in Your Day-to-Day Operations

After creating your impeccable brand identity, be sure to reflect your brand image in your daily business operations! Staying consistent and easy to understand is a must in order to create those consumer relationships as well as maintaining the value of your business. This means to monitor your brand identity and make sure it is consistent throughout your content, social media, visual design, customer service, and every other aspect of the business. Like other major businesses over time, you will probably go through periods of revamping or tweaking some details. Therefore, make sure to review your brand strategy every once in a while to keep up with these changes.


At ADventure Marketing, we have a unique brand identity with a team of motivated employees who are proud to be working in a well-branded organization. If you are looking for ways to boost your brand identity in your business, you made your way to the right page! Contact us today to see how we can help boost your marketing efforts with our creative team today.


5 Tampa Adventures to Spark Creativity | ADventure Marketing

5 Tampa ADventures to Spark Creativity

5 Tampa Adventures to Spark Creativity

If you were to ask any digital marketing company the key to a successful marketing campaign, they would place extreme prominence on the importance of ..CREATIVITY! But what exactly is creativity, and where does it spark from? Creativity in our book is the ability to generate new and innovative ideas based on your own individualistic way of thinking. Per Elite Daily, “creativity is something that many look beyond and don’t even think of as something of importance in the world of business, or in the nature of the success you build for yourself”. Reading this statement, makes our team cringe because creativity is key to making your business stand out amongst your competition. ADventure Marketing thrives off creating dynamic content that is geared towards innovation and attracting the millennial eye. Luckily, Tampa is the perfect place to experience new Adventure’s that will boost your ability to generate creativity. With that being said, here is a list of the top five Tampa Adventure’s to spark your creativity!


Armature Works

If you’re looking for an atmosphere filled with creativity, Armature works is the place to be. The public market is located just across the river in the new Tampa Heights area. Armature Works consists of event spaces, co-shared workspaces, and multiple bars and restaurants. The coolest part about the market is the building dates back to 1910, where it was used as a storage and maintenance facility for Tampa Electrics streetcars. The old fashion style building located on the Hillsborough mixes the new technology of the 21-century with the important history of the city of Tampa.


The Tampa Riverwalk

The Tampa Riverwalk is without a doubt one of the coolest sceneries located downtown. The Riverwalk was created in the mid 70’s and was refurbished in 2003 in order showcase the beauty that Tampa has to offer. The gleaming lights lined along side the walk create a futuristic feel that develops a kind of wanderlust vibe. This atmosphere combined with the breath taking view of Downtown Tampa generates a sense of possibility. This sense of possibility will make your mind race with all kinds of different innovative possibilities for the future. So, whether you are looking to take a nice relaxing stroll, intense jog, or a mellow cruise along side the water, the Tampa Riverwalk is perfect place for you.


Kraken Kruise Tampa

If you are looking for an ADventure on the water that you will never forget, you have to take a look at Kraken Kruise Cycle boats. Kraken Kruise cycle boats are pedal boats equipped with a bar on the boat! These boats are perfect for a day of leisured fun or a unique team building experience. “Having time to get your teams mind going can help stimulate creativity!” Adventure. You can cruise along the river enjoying the amazing view, while drinking with your friends. So grab a group a friends a big ole cooler and…Pedal, Pedal Drink!


Bayshore Boulevard

Bayshore Boulevard is a landmark when it comes to the history of Tampa. The seaside walkway runs along a path of elegant palm trees and extravagant homes. Also, Don’t be alarmed while walking along the water if you see a group of dolphins swim by. They tend come up and say hello to the ongoing joggers. The city of Tampa strategically placed work out equipment such as pull up bars all along the walkway since it is mainly used for runners and joggers. Bayshore Boulevard contains the atmosphere and scenery to truly relax and let your mind wander.



If you are an adrenaline junky this last one is for you! IFLY is an indoor skydiving simulator located here in Tampa. For a good price, you can experience the unforgettable feeling of taking flight. “The picture of commercial creativity today is not one of a lone artist sitting in a studio, concocting works of genius” In order to be creative you must push the boundaries of the plain and normal. And I don’t think there is anything plain or normal about learning how to fly on a soft cushion of air. This Adrenaline rush will be sure to get your heart pumping and ideas flowing!


At ADventure Marketing, we love to explore the Tampa area to capitalize on creativity. As one of Tampa’s most creative Marketing company we stress the importance of fostering creativity daily. If you are looking for ways to utilize creativity in your social media plan, content creation or videography you have come to the right marketing company. Contact us today to see how we can help boost your marketing efforts with our creative team today.







Creativity in the workplace | ADventure Marketing

4 Tips for fostering creativity in the workplace

4 Tips for fostering creativity in the



Is your business innovative? Are you selling an awesome product that everyone in your target market should have? Well GREAT, so are the thousands of others companies that are selling or servicing something like you.  Currently, it can be difficult to get your name out there as the millennials attention span is becoming shorter and the Instagram scrolls are getting faster. So, how do you get them to slow down and see your brand amongst your competition?

Well, since your product/service is the best it should be easy, right? WRONG. It takes a lot more than a great product or service to make it in this day in age. Although this may seem discouraging there is a key aspect to add to your marketing plan that can make you stand out from the rest.


I’m sure you have heard to do so before, but are you and your co-workers maximizing your efforts in being creativity? Here’s a quit test.

  1. Are you and your team surrounded by white boards?
  2. Are you and your team taking time to go out and play?
  3. Is your group well diverse?
  4. Are you using the “Yes, and” theory?

If you have answered no to any of these questions than I encourage you to keep reading.


White boards.

White boards are not just meant for a classroom; they are very powerful to any business. Start using white boards to brainstorm and connect ideas together! Our favorite type of brainstorm is to write all of your teammates ideas out and then start connecting the ideas together.  This is a great method to tie in every aspect of an idea to make a creative marketing plan. Try this the next time you are in need a of a strong brainstorming session!

Go Play!

We are NOT joking! Hit up a ping pong table, play some foosball or simply play trivia! Having time to get your teams mind going can help stimulate creativity! More offices are implementing different types of games and activities to break up the 9-5 from being regimented. Although you may believe this could potential take time away from work, leisure time activates what’s called the “default mode network“ in your brain that signals your mind to look at problems in a new way. In short, it can activate that “brain blink” for you and your team.


When implementing creativity, you want the best ideas, not the thinking of just a certain group. The more variety of people you have on your team, the more dynamic ideas you have the chance to develop. Next time you schedule a creative meeting add a few more people to your meeting that you may not have initially thought of to see the power of having a diverse team.

The “Yes and..”

Instead of shooting down an idea by saying “no” try implanting the “Yes and..” strategy. This is an idea building approach where you take portions of an idea and start building until you come to a strong idea. This helps foster a “safe place” for people to feel comfortable to bring up their ideas as well as twist al ideas together to create a perfect one. Try using this strategy in your next creative meeting.

At ADventure Marketing, we utilize these strategies daily. As one of Tampa’s most creative Marketing agency we stress the importance of fostering creativity in the workplace.  If you are looking for ways to utilize creativity in your social media plan, content creation or videography you have come to the right marketing company. Contact us today to see how we can help boost your marketing efforts with our creative team today.

3 Reasons to Utilize Videography Service | ADventure Marketing

3 Reasons to Utilize Videography Services

Videography is the future of digital marketing. Most do no prefer to read long winded statements…people want to connect with people. Videos allow you to communicate more information in a shorter time span, the numbers confirm this. According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, “a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.” Let me say that again for you, one-minute of video equals 1.8 million words. Videos are more powerful than the written word.

One of the most important reasons to utilize videos is firstly to connect with millennials. Millennials make up the largest consumer base, making them a powerful generation. Secondly, videos are attention grabbers: they cut through the noise and differentiate you from your competition. Finally, videos give you a platform to share YOUR story in YOUR voice.

Keeping Up with Current Times

Millennials currently make up one-fourth of the U.S. population. Those 80 million generation Y kids spend about $600 billion dollars a year and at least 7 hours online every day…that’s buying power. Accenture conducted a market research study on the shopping behaviors of 6,000 consumers, of which 1,707 were Millennials, across eight countries. They found that Millennials will spend a whopping $1.4 trillion annually – or 30% of all retail sales in the United States alone by the year 2020. Connecting with this demographic will be the most lucrative move your company will make. 

Millennials are all about experiences. Avoid talking at them and lead by example of showing them. When millennials can relate through their personal values and views they will more than likely share your content, which will increase your brand awareness and online presence. In this day and age, it’s important to ween away from creating an image through text and instead make the vision come to life through videography.


Getting Their Attention

It is becoming less frequent to come across anyone who does not have a smartphone or some kind of mobile device that can access the internet in today’s world. A cell phone is now just as essential as a wallet or purse. No one walks out their door without one, as people now plan their lives, shop, connect with friends, and entertain themselves through their phones. While phones are great and helpful, scientists say that smartphones are shortening the average attention span. The average concentration time of a normal person is just 8 seconds. Count that out in your head for me. That isn’t a lot of time for words. In fact, it takes 5 to 8 minutes for the average person to read a 1000-words.  

The great triumph of video is that it is able to communicate that 1000-word message in just a matter of seconds. Videos connect best with mobile users, and that trend rises by 100% every year. Lofty, I know, but it’s more likely that a person clicks away from a page halfway through reading it than a thirty second video. According to Wowmakers, videos actually help you increase time spent by visitors on your site up to 64%. Subconsciously, your brain even assigns more importance to visual elements. There is no better way to grab your audience’s attention and convey your message than through video.


Providing a Clear Image

Videos provide a clear image of your brand to any viewer. Well-crafted videos can educate and engage a customer. Services in videography help capture and share events that define the true essence of your company, product or service. Recorded events including company outings, conferences, training, and parties tell a person much more than any amount of written description ever could. They give your company trust and credibility and make your audience feel empowered to make a purchase. The founder and CEO of Loud Rumor, Mike Arce, asserts that “Video is going to become the face of business in 2017. This means decision makers and CEOs need to start humanizing their companies with videos of real people that others can relate to.” A brand video can convey emotion and personality.

Why try to convince your clients and customers through words when you could just show them? That’s the value of professional videography.


ADventure Wants to Create the Connection!

ADventure offers high quality services in videography and content creation. We work closely with clients to make sure we are serving your best interest! If you are looking to get your company image out there, we’re the ones to call. Check out our most recent work with our client Armature Works! If you are interested in working with us, call us 860-305-4090 or email us today to schedule your free consultation. Light’s, Camera, Action! Let’s roll!

Top 4 Free Marketing Tools | ADventure Marketing

The Top 4 Free Marketing Tools

The Top 4 Free Marketing Tools.

Whether you’re just starting your entrepreneurial venture or are years in the making, the word “free” is always desired.  Although there are many marketing tools that cost a pretty penny, there are just many if not more that are free. Our team put our top 4 marketing tools together to help boost your current marketing strategy.

Google Analytics

ALERT: If you do not have this free tool connected to your website, then you are surely missing out on major digital marketing opportunities. Google Analytics is one of the top platforms that account for online business success. Although Google Analytics is very diverse with its capabilities, it does a great job at breaking down the specifics: people that view your website and metrics surrounding their behavior. These help you understand what type of content is performing well on your website in addition to showing the navigation of those that the converted. Knowing this information is key, creating a funnel that leads to a higher engagement rate.


You Got Mail: Staying in contact with current customers or clients has never been easier. MailChimp allows you to create email campaigns with templates that are simple to use. Using the basic MailChimp, you receive free data and reports as well as sign up forms that can be built in to your website once it is installed properly. In addition, MailChimp is great for staying in touch with new business leads!


IT’S SWEET: What social media platform should you use? The best answer to this, is all of them! Social media itself is a massive, free tool that every business should focus at least some attention on. Although there are a wide spread of unique outlets, the more platforms you are actively using, the more your brand can get recognized. Although it may seem stressful managing several outlets, utilizing a tool like Hootsuite heals this pain. The free version of Hootsuite allows you to connect to 3 different outlets and schedule post months in advance. This platform also provides customizable dashboard that allows you to see all of your social media data in a centralized location. This is great for comparing and contrasting to see where to focus more of your efforts.

Search Engines

GOOGLE IT: If I ask you how to bake gourmet raspberry brownies, I think it’s safe to assume the first thing you will do is search for it on the web- assuming you aren’t one of the country’s top bakers! You are not alone. Daily, there are over 1.2 trillion searches worldwide. Capitalizing on the opportunity of getting your website to rank organically (FREE) is huge, as trillions of eyes are viewing this tool. The trick is to understand what questions your potential customers are asking to enhance your chance of showing up as a top result. Search Engine Optimization is vital to get your online website the visibility it deserves.

The ADventure

Free is good, but knowing how to understand the data behind it makes a massive difference. At ADventure Marketing, we have the background and knowledge to utilize these tools to exceed your marketing expectations. If you are interested in seeing how our efforts can match your desired results, connect with us today. We are available Monday-Sunday to listen to your goals. Call us or email us at connect@adventuremarketinginc.com . We look forward to connecting with you!



How to Market on a Budget | ADventure Marketing

Marketing on a Budget: Every Penny Counts!

Marketing On a Budget

Marketing is usually a costly endeavor for businesses, from small mom and pop shops to large corporations. Finding the best way to reach your desired clientele can take effort, but there are a few tips we have to make sure your initial marketing campaigns don’t break the bank.

Have Great Content

Words are FREE. What separates a successful business and their online reach from another is engaging, effective content. It’s one thing to have an immense amount of blogs on your website scattered on multiple platforms however, there needs to be creative, high quality content to differentiate yourself from the pack. It’s important to take note that effective content is not something that will take you over budget. Add value to your customers through your content and let the rest speak for itself.

Learn Basic SEO Techniques

Just like building content, winning on your keywords can be FREE too. Although, some do go the route of utilizing paid adds, you can rank organically on search engines with putting time in instead of money.  If you are looking to get your business free exposure, it’s important to learn the matrix of how search engines crawler rank websites.  Once you put in the time of understanding SEO, dive into researching your consumers and use the words they are searching for.  Learning a few of these SEO techniques won’t break your bank and will surely pay off.

Take Advantage of all Social Media

With social media being on the rise over the past few years, this might be the most important of them all. It is essential to have a strong presence on all platforms that will be beneficial to your brand. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, & Pinterest are among the most popular platforms used today in business. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have even made your outreach trackable through analytics! Not only does this allow you to target your audience better, but it also keeps you engaged with them 24/7. The best part about all this? It’s all completely free!

Network, Network, Network

Let’s face it. We all want more customers to bring in more revenue without overspending, right? Well, it all starts with networking. To be successful at making new connections, you must have your business in the back of your mind 24/7, in order to have information ready while creating a new relationships. Social media can also help you network with people, even allowing you to target end customers. Networking- oriented platforms such as LinkedIn are great to use if you are looking to reach out to other businesses or professionals. While all social media is great, keep in mind that talking in person and creating those relationships is still the number one way to market your business!

We Want To Help

At ADventure Marketing, we understand that some business may not have the capital to invest in their online presence. That is why we will work individually with your business to exceed your expectations for the right price. The digital marketing team at ADventure is able to help with all online marketing techniques. We create strong, effective campaigns with analytics to back the results. Call us today to schedule a free session or email us and us let know what online marketing services you are looking for.

Cristian Garcia is an intern at ADventure Marketing, with a focus on online marketing and social media optimization.


Online Marketing Tips | ADventure Marketing

Online Marketing Tips


Online Marketing Tips

With access and usage of the internet growing every day, businesses are turning to online means to showcase their product and services. Consumers are able to access the information they need with the click of a button, and can search through a sea of information to pinpoint the exact offering they are looking for. Are you in need of online marketing tips? See what our experts have in store for you. Continue reading “Online Marketing Tips”

Social Media Marketing Services Tampa | ADventure Marketing

You Need S’MO!

S’MO of what, you might be asking? Social media is taking over our culture. Everywhere you look, someone is either scrolling through Instagram, checking their likes on Facebook, or looking for Yelp reviews of the restaurant that supposedly serves the best mimosas. Social media is doing more than just creating a distraction in people’s lives- it is an avenue that businesses should be using to promote their products and services to millions of users.

Continue reading “You Need S’MO!”