5 Signs Its Time To Redesign Your Website

5 Signs Its Time To Redesign Your Website

Do you have a business but aren’t sure when its time to redesign your website? Or are you so busy that you didn’t even realize that you should revamp your website? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but working on your website should be a continual thing and it is important to stay on top of it. Not sure how to identify the signs that its time to make some changes? No problem, we created a checklist for you!


You’ve Just Rebranded Your Business


There are many different reasons a business may rebrand itself. This could be minor, such as a new logo or major, such as an overall change in business direction. Whatever it is, your website should reflect your brand’s overall vision and mission. This is important because a properly structured website will not only help reach marketing objectives, but will also attract and generate leads for the exact audience that you are targeting. Set up a team meeting and collaborate together to check if your website it contributing to your overall business objectives. If it’s not, it is time to redesign your website.


Lack of Responsiveness


Today, we live in a world where technology is king: there are many different devices that people are now using to access information. It is important that you have a website that is responsive to any platform. This includes smartphones, desktops, laptops, and tablets. Be sure to check out your analytics to identify how much traffic is coming in through mobile. If it is a high percentage, this should definitely be a priority for you and your website.

What does it mean to have a responsive website design? Simply put, a responsive website design allows users to easily read and navigate through pages on a website across all devices. This includes different pages being able to resize to the device that is being used. If your website is unresponsive or hard to navigate through on devices other than a desktop, it’s time to revamp.


Your Site Loads Slowly


Let’s face it: patience is rare these days with all of the information that can be accessed instantaneously. There is a clear need for speed on the Internet. A slow page can be caused for many different reasons. Your images are too large, your codes outdated or you have too many videos hosted on the site.

If your website does not load within 5 seconds, the user is most likely to navigate to another page and therefore, you lose out on a potential sale. Not only does this frustrate the consumer, but it also hurts your ranking on Google. Google’s algorithm recognizes the consumers’ need for speed and tends to skip over the slow loading websites.

Check out Google’s Page Speed Insight Tool to see how long it takes for your website to load on both mobile and desktop!


High Bounce Rate


Are you looking at Google Analytics and wondering why users don’t make it past your home page? It is probably because you are lacking quality content that is valuable to the consumer or you are missing the mark of capturing their attention. For those of you not familiar with Google Analytics, it is a free tool that allows you to analyze data for your website. Bounce Rate is a metric in Google Analytics that calculates the percentage of users that navigate through and interact with a website. If users are not spending much time navigating through your site or typically exiting your site after only viewing one page, it is most likely time for you to redesign your website. You can easily do this by adding informative case studies, blogs, or any valuable work that you have done for clients.


 It Looks Outdated


First impressions are everything. If your website doesn’t look good, why should clients trust that you will provide them with quality products or services? It is important to have a website that will immediately capture the attention of users. Your website is your online face to your company so you should feel proud to have it represent you and all of the hard work that you have done. Here at ADventure, we have learned that sometimes you can get so caught up in client’s work that your own work can get lost. In order to keep up with your long-term growth, it is important to not neglect your own work and website.


Looking for help to redesign your website? Here at ADventure Marketing, we have a team of experts that can either create a new website for your business or can help revamp it to fit your needs. Contact us today!  

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Local SEO: Powerhouse Case Study

Local SEO: Powerhouse Case Study

Most digital marketers understand the importance and the power of local SEO. However, many local businesses are unaware of how powerful search engine optimization can be if done correctly. And yes, it does take more than just keyword research. The ADventure team was lucky to work with a local gym here in Tampa, FL. Powerhouse Gym Athletic Club is a 50,000 square foot facility that looks to bring out the athlete in you! Previous to partnering with Powerhouse, they were experiencing trouble gaining exposure and getting people to purchase gym memberships. They had never utilized SEO strategies before, so we were excited to start from the ground up!

What Is SEO & Why Is It Important?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a set of rules that can be followed by website owners to optimize their website for search engines to improve their organic search engine rankings. Ok that was wordy, what does this all mean? In short, web browsers such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo all scan and read information from every website. They seek to provide their users with the most useful information so therefore, they look for websites with the most valuable content that is easy for search engines to read. When I say organic, I am referring to websites that rank on the first page without having to pay for ads(These are distinguished by the small “AD” next to their name).

In today’s competitive market, SEO marketing is more important than ever. Search engines serve millions of users per day, looking for answers to their questions or for solutions to their problems. So why is this important? Well, when you go to Google to make a search, have you ever noticed that if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for you make a new search rather than click to the next page? You and 75% of all online users never scroll to page 2. The percentage increases as the number of pages increases as well. You may be debating on just paying for ads to have your pages rank on the first page and while that might be beneficial in the short-term, it is not a good long-term strategy. 79% of people that conduct online searches click on organic search results opposed to paid ads. In other words, good content is king.

Success Isn’t Overnight…

Hard work, communication, and research were all implemented into our local SEO strategy. The ADventure team executed extensive on-page search engine optimization as well as analyzed and researched effective keyword and back-linking opportunities. While rolling out this local SEO campaign, some of our goals included:

1. Increase website traffic and visibility

2. Rank for “Tampa’s Best Gym”

3. Increase the number of memberships purchased

While this may seem to be not too intensive to some, it is important to remember that these goals are not something that can be achieved overnight, or even after a couple of weeks. Some of you may be thinking, well local SEO is a lot easier than national or global SEO strategies, so it must not have been that hard. Never assume my friends! The ADventure team puts just as much effort in local SEO strategies as we do national and global. They both take extensive time and effort.

 Our Results

We could have written a long paragraph on our results, but we thought this testimonial from the owner of Powerhouse summed it up pretty well:


“Powerhouse Gym Athletic Club was ranking on the 3rd page of Google before our SEO work with ADventure Marketing. Now, using the keywords that customers in the Tampa Bay area are using to find a gym, we are ranking on the 1st page, and in some searches we are ranking 1st! In addition, they increased our online lead generation by 71% and our calls went up by 59% within 1 month of their services!”

            -Matthew Midyett, Owner


ADventure Marketing is home to Tampa’s SEO wizards! We specialize in local, national, and even global SEO strategies. Contact us today so we can help you gain the online visibility that you deserve!

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When ADventure Meets CycleBar

When ADventure Marketing Meets CycleBar

Debating on whether or not to join a local cycle studio? The ADventure Marketing team highly recommends that you give it a try! When we’re grinding all day on developing websites and shooting videos, it’s nice to get out of our comfort zone and try something new. The ADventure Marketing team had the honor of being CycleBar South Tampa’s August Business of the Month! We were so stoked that we all signed up for the next class and enjoyed a great team bonding activity. Read on to find out what happened when ADventure Marketing met CycleBar!

CycleBar’s August Business of the Month

In one of our team meetings, Zach, one of our Co-Founders, told us that we had been picked as the August Business of the Month! Humbled and excited were just some of the emotions that were running through our minds at the time. We immediately got the team together and thought about how we could make an epic collaboration! First things first, we all signed up for a class together. We thought that if we were going to work together, we must first experience it first-hand so we could get collective insights from the team, as well as meet the CycleBar staff.


The Benefits of Cycling

First things first- let me just say that cycling was one of the best workouts we have had in a LONG time. It worked all of our muscles and also causes fewer traumas to the muscles and joints than running. Not only do you work your legs, you work your core and arms as well through different movements that the instructor incorporates into the workout. Cycling is also perfect for beginners because we didn’t have to worry about the pressure of falling behind. For example, if you were running outside with a group of people, not only would you be subject to the outdoor elements of heat, humidity, and busy traffic, but also you also might feel pressured to catch up with the group. The lights were dark and the music was loud, which really allowed the team to indulge in the workout, no matter how out of shape we were.



Cycling at CycleBar South Tampa was also a great experience because it put us all in a different setting together. This allowed us to get out of our comfort zone and by getting our creative juices flowing. We were so grateful to have had this experience with CycleBar. We love that CycleBar is so involved with the community through CycleGiving. CycleGiving is a philanthropic movement, which partners with local organizations and charities to help them raise donations. It is a unique form of cause marketing that promotes health and wellness with a one-of-a-kind fitness experience!

We loved CycleBar so much that we went back for more classes! During one of them, we filmed a short video so you could see our experience. Don’t forget to watch below!


Here at ADventure Marketing, we love to collaborate with other local businesses. If you are in the Tampa area and would like to work together, contact us now!

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Websites vs. Apps: Which is the Best Option?

Websites vs. Apps 

The digital world today adds immense value to our everyday lives by helping everyone succeed and prosper in an instantaneous world. We have all heard the expression, “our future is digital”. However, making the right digital decisions when it comes to business may be tricky. New business owners will debate on whether or not they should invest in creating websites or apps. Of course it really depends on the type of business however, read this article to get a deeper dive into which is more beneficial for you and your business.


What is the Difference?

Before making the ultimate decision as to which mobile strategy is best for you and your business, it is important to understand the difference between a website and an app. Apps are downloadable applications that live on a mobile device. In order to download an app, a user must search for them through portals such as Apple’s App Store and Android Market. A website is a collection of HTML web pages that are linked together, such as the one you are on right now!


When Does it Make Sense to Develop an App?

As previously mentioned, the decision to develop an app, a website, or both, ultimately depends on your end goal. Ideally, it would make most sense to develop an app if your end goal is to create an interactive game or serve another very specific service. If your end goal is primarily related to marketing or to reach a large audience, a website is your best option. In some cases, you may think that having both may be the best decision. However, rarely will it be necessary to develop an app without having a website established first.

According to Pinch Media, there are over 20,000 apps which have been downloaded more than 500 million times. Sounds convincing to start an app, doesn’t it? However, there’s a catch. For free apps, about 20% of users return to the app after the first day of downloading it. After that, it quickly declines. After the first 30 days of downloading the app, only 5% are returning. For paid apps, the fall off rate is a little steeper. So what does this mean for you if you are debating on creating a website or an app? In short, you have a very small window to make an impression and potentially make a revenue.


Responsive Web Design

Since it has become necessary for businesses to develop digital strategies, responsive web design has become a new standard for designing websites. This does not only mean that a website is mobile-friendly, but also that it can scale to any size device. This includes smartphones, tablets, or desktops. If you have a responsive web design, users have access to your valuable information instantaneously. It might create a barrier if users are initially required to download your information through an app. Additionally, if you are utilizing a responsive web design, you will be able to easily update information right on the back-end of your site. A user must update their app in order for new content to be available. Lastly, websites are easily shareable between users, which make it easier for content to reach a large audience. Users cannot share apps amongst each other.


Key Takeaway

Despite apps and websites both having their own pros and cons, a responsive web design is all you will need. Yes, it is undeniable that being able to send push notifications to your customer through an app is an awesome way to grab their attention. However, many consumers either turn off notifications or will be hesitant to even download an app because of limited storage. After all, websites and apps have many of the same functions such as social sharing, ecommerce, images, video, and more. Most customers will search for information through a browser rather than an app. A responsive website is all you need for a consumer to be able to connect with your business at any time without any additional marketing touch points.


At ADventure Marketing Agency, we specialize in creating websites as well as implementing creative and realistic SEO strategies. If you are looking for help in either, contact us today for a free consultation.


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A Day In The Life At A Marketing Agency

A Day in the Life at a Marketing Agency

Working at a Tampa Marketing Agency has provided the ADventure team with experiences like no other. We have been able to provide our clients with some amazing work while enjoying the creative process behind it all. Of course, every agency is different however, we wanted to provide a little insight into the daily lives of the ADventure Marketing Agency 


No Two Days are the Same

One of my favorite things about working with ADventure is that you will never get bored. Since our job is to serve our clients, we work in a fast paced environment. No two clients are the same, which means that we are continuously changing our mindset. One day we will put ourselves in the shoes of someone looking to buy a gym membership. Next, we will be assessing the needs of someone who is looking for a laundry delivery service. This is one of our favorite things about working at a marketing agency because it never gets boring working with clients from every industry!


“ADventure is such an awesome company to work with because of our variety of offerings and clientele. One day we might be out shooting a video for a law firm, while another we’re grinding out a social media content plan for a product company. This keeps us on our toes and allows our creativity to constantly be flowing.”                                                                                   

-Zachary Gresham, Co-Founder


Building a Valuable Skill-Set

Every day is truly a new opportunity to learn because of the varied work. Working with a diverse clientele allows for a working environment that breeds creativity. This then allows us to draw up fresh ideas and build a very valuable skill-set. At Adventure Marketing Agency, there are many key skills that are built. These include, client management, multi-tasking, and presentation skills. Working with clients on a daily basis, it is important to gain interpersonal skills to help exceed their expectations. This can sometimes be challenging when you have a large clientele. This is why having multi-tasking skills is equally as important. We learned very quickly how to juggle clients while upholding a high quality work standard. In order to maintain that large clientele, having presentation skills is also a must! We are constantly honing in on our verbal communication skills as we are collaborating and pitching ideas to clients.


Creative Social Environment

At ADventure, creativity runs in our DNA! It is important to make sure that our creative juices are always flowing and never run dry. Therefore, a creative social environment is essential. We keep ourselves surrounded by whiteboards so if an idea was to spark, we can quickly jot it down and build off of each other. Also, the space in which we work is also a huge factor. Our office space in the Lowth Entrepreneurship Center is filled with many motivated and like-minded people. The center has a perfect combination of both entertainment and relaxation spaces that we have the advantage to utilize. Some of our favorite spaces are the thinking pods and the giant meeting rooms that over look Tampa Bay. It truly is a one of a kind place that you will not find at other college campuses.


“I love ADventure because as a young entrepreneur it’s truly rewarding to grow with the Tampa Bay Community. Tampa is amongst one of the top places in the US for start-up companies. After a year in business this August, it has been incredible to see the company grow and our culture form. The support the community has provided us has been the engine to our growth and the team we are creating is our fuel. I am truly honored to be able to give back and form a dream I never thought I would be living this early in my life.”

-Alicia Waldner, Co-Founder

Work-Life Balance

Here at ADventure, we emphasize work-life balance and have a work hard, play hard mentality. We especially enjoy attending social community events together. They are not only informing, but also allow us to get closer to each other as well as other community members. We also love team-bonding events, such as a night out at Top-Golf. We also enjoy a nice butt-kicking work out from a local favorite, Cyclebar South Tampa! Additionally, living in Tampa makes it easier to incorporate a work-life balance! Forbes listed Tampa as one of the fastest growing cities in the country! Everything around us is very innovative, entrepreneurial, and fresh. We work, live, and thrive in an environment that is constantly inspiring us! The ADventure team is especially excited for the new co-work space downtown, Embarc Collective! It is scheduled to open in 2019 and we are stoked!


At ADventure Marketing Agency, we continue to grow at an exponential rate and stress the importance of a happy and healthy work environment. If you are looking for ways to utilize creativity in your social media plan, content creation or videography you have come to the right marketing company. Contact us today to see how we can help boost your marketing efforts with our creative team today.

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More Than A Keyword: Truth to SEO

More Than A Keyword: Truth to SEO

 Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a marketing tactic that focuses on gaining organic, or non-paid, traffic visibility and search engine results. Many people think that SEO is a very technical necessary evil. While it is true that SEO is technical, it also has creative elements that can help improve rankings and increase awareness on search engines. Here are some of the basic components of SEO that you should know to get you started on learning about SEO!



Yes, SEO is more than a keyword however, keywords are still important! Keywords are all about researching terms and phrases that will in turn, generate traffic to your website. In order to do this, you will need to put yourself in the minds of people in your niche. If you were to conduct an online search, which terms or phrases would you use? There are also some other awesome online tools to help you further dive deep into the search. Google Keyword Planner is great to see what people are searching for locally. Other tools such as Ahrefs, is great for searching globally. Every online tool is different and some will work better than others depending on the needs of your website.



Images on your website are a must! “A picture is worth a thousand words” is frequently quoted for a reason. Potential customers are more likely to interact with your content if there are images and therefore, images will dramatically increase the overall user experience. Also, web pages are more likely to rank if they contain at least one image. Listed below are three beneficial ways to optimize your images.

ALT Text

Provide an ALT text for all images. Many search engines cannot read images so instead, engine crawlers use ALT texts to identify and recognize your image. The ALT text should describe the image and contain one of the keywords that you previously had identified. Keep it relevant, short, to the point, and do not add any dashes.


It is also important to pay attention to the size of the images that you are putting onto your website. Images that are too big can make your page look heavy and can negatively effect your page’s loading time.

File Name

Lastly, don’t forget to rename the file name for your images! Images with the file name “DSC00033.jpg” will not rank. However, an image with a relevant file name that contains a keyword are more likely to rank. Not to confuse the file name with the ALT text, you should include dashes. For example, the file name for the image used in this blog is “truth-seo.png”. It is relevant to the topic and does not include any “stop words”, or fill-in words such as in, the, or, to, etc.


Link Building

Link building is arguably one of the most time-consuming SEO tricks, but it is also one of the most rewarding. They are so important because they have the potential to send referral traffic to your site. Good link building is a sign of trust. This is important because building trust is essential for long-term success for any company. Why is link building so time-consuming? It takes time to build the credibility of your website and therefore, takes time for other websites to start linking to yours. Patience is key. Do not focus on link building strategies for a few weeks and expect to have numerous major websites start linking to yours. Link building is an ongoing strategy that should continuously be worked on. So what can you do to gain more links from credible sites? #1 always- create great quality content. Next, you can reach out to bloggers or other journalists in your niche, and ask to guest blog after you have created some credibility for yourself on your own website.


Optimization Strategies

Everything that has been mentioned thus far are all strategies that will help optimize your website! To add further, post amazing quality content! Search engines want to provide users with the best and most useful content. Today, quality overrides quantity. Additionally, it is important to understand that it is hard for SEO to help out if you are not publishing good content. This is vital for long-term success for your company and website. However, it is critical to remember that good quality work will not rank for you. Additionally, SEO isn’t all about doing one specific thing. In order to ensure that you are fully optimizing your site, you will need to work on all of these tactics.


At ADventure Marketing, we are SEO experts. We carry out strong SEO strategies for all of our clients. Contact us today for a free evaluation to see if your website is SEO optimized!



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Tampa’s Finest Coworking Spaces

Tampa’s Finest Coworking Spaces

Are you an entrepreneur or an independent professional in the Tampa Bay area? Are you considering working in a collaborative setting? We hope so! Self-employment is on the rise and while having a private office has it’s own advantages, the benefits of using a coworking space are plentiful. Coworking offers collaboration and synergy. Some of their many benefits include a flexible, convenient, and professional work environment that encourages productivity. Coworking spaces are ideal because of their lower cost, networking opportunities, flexible schedules and a wide array of free amenities that are included. We gathered our top 5 favorite coworking spaces in Tampa and listed them here!


Bay 3 at Armature Works

Tampa’s hottest new premier community destination, Armature Works, includes exclusive cowork space and private offices as well. Located on the second floor of Armature Works, Bay 3 offers 11,000 square-feet of collaborative space with unobstructed views of the Hillsborough River. Bay 3 is the perfect place for creative inspiration as it is at the heart of historic Tampa and attracts both locals and visitors from far. Feeling hungry while working? No problem, Armature has 14 different food vendors located on the first floor.


Industrious Tampa

Widely trusted around the country at its many locations, the Tampa location is nestled in the heart of downtown Tampa. Industrious Tampa has panoramic views from the 33rd floor of the SunTrust Financial Center. This Premium coworking space offers private offices or shared coworking spaces. They have some serious membership perks that include access to a fitness center with showers and bike storage. Industrious has been nationally recognized by Forbes, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and other credited journals.


Station House

Currently, in downtown St. Petersburg, this local beauty is expanding to Hyde Park and will be completed by spring 2019. Members have 24/7 access to coworking spaces and can take advantage of affiliate discounts, discounted or free admission to community events held in the space, or simply enjoy food, drinks, and entertainment. One of our favorite features about Station House is their variety of conference rooms that are available for rent. From a chic classroom to a posh library-inspired conference room, to an iconic lounging area, Station House has it! More than just a coworking space, Station House is a cozy and inspiring “hip epicenter” for anyone looking to connect socially or professionally.


Tampa Bay Wave

The Tampa Bay Wave community is a non-profit organization, unique for specializing in helping build, launch and grow tech companies. Not only do they offer cowork space, but also mentoring and funding opportunities for its entrepreneur members. Since 2008, Tampa Bay Wave has motivated and supported over 150 tech startups and 250 entrepreneurs. With over 70 mentors in the Wave network, their Tech Accelerator programs are sure to help business flourish. Over the years, they have developed proof from multiple success stories! Additionally, as a member, you will have access to all Wave events and other resources that help connect like-minded individuals to spark innovative ideas and share tech insights.



Last, but most certainly not least is CoCreativ! This cutting-edge cowork space has not only one location but two! In addition to cowork space, this company offers GeoTargeting services, same day setup and move in, and on-site concierge to assist you. CoCreativ offers a wide variety of membership plans and promotes their risk-free guarantee. A unique feature of CoCreativ is their exclusive 100k Club for members who increased their annual revenue by $100k+ during their time at CoCreativ. Also, they offer a referral program that could earn you a free membership!

Here at ADventure Marketing, we work creatively, collaboratively, and professionally. As one of Tampa’s most creative marketing agency’s, we stress the importance of working collaboratively and effectively. If you are looking to collaborate on ideas and strategies for your social media plan, content creation, or website building, please contact us today or come visit us at the University of Tampa’s collaborative space at the Lowth Entrepreneurship Center! The Lowth Entrepreneurship Center develops innovative and qualified business leaders with the skills to make their visions a reality.

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Amplify Your Social Media Content Strategy

Amplify Your Social Media Content Strategy

 Optimizing your social media content strategy is highly effective for increasing brand awareness. Social media is undeniably becoming one of the best strategies for digital marketing. If your business is not utilizing this hugely profitable source, you are missing out on some incredible opportunity. All business, whether new or established, can benefit from social media for many reasons. Some benefits include: cost-effective, increases traffic to your website, allows you to engage with customers easier, and overall increases brand awareness and loyalty. Here are some tips to amplify to your social media content strategy!


Stay Trendy

Social media is constantly evolving and can be difficult to keep up with. Where’s the best place to find out the latest trends and social news? You got it- SOCIAL MEDIA! You can start by searching popular hashtags to see what people are talking about. Utilize those hashtags you just searched and pinpoint some of the most active people using those popular hashtags. What are they talking about and are other users engaging with them? Join the conversation to get the most out of what you are learning from others. Additionally, consider what other bloggers and news sites are talking about. Some of it may not be the best quality information, however, if you notice that the same topic is popping up on many different sites in your industry, chances are that it is trending. While it is important to stay trendy in your industry of expertise, do not just hop on a trend for the sake of staying trendy. Strategically engage your company with trends that are relevant to your company.


Drive Content Engagement

Beat Those Algorithms

Today, algorithms are dominating social media platforms. Social media algorithms sort posts on a users feed based on relevancy rather than the time they were published. Therefore, it is so important to understand the content that your audience is engaging with so you can gear your content to their interests. This will ensure that you stay top of mind to your audience and your posts will never get lost in the overcrowded online world.

Engage and Follow Up

These 3 terms should be priority when trying to boost audience engagement: Quality, Frequency and Follow-Up. These days, it seems as though many businesses are pushing content by publishing more and more. What these businesses do not realize is that eventually, they are going to hit the point of diminishing returns. Most users value quality over quantity. Publishing high-quality content is what will make your work break through the noisy online world. Frequency is also very important. Publishing high-quality content on a regular, consistent basis will keep users interested and engaged with your business. Last, but equally important, follow up with your content. After publishing, look to see who is commenting, liking, and sharing your content. Join in on the conversation and show your audience that you are approachable and reachable.


Research Customer Questions

What better way to engage with your audience than to answer their biggest concerns? This is also an effective way to build relationships and gain their trust. In order to successfully do this, first identify audience member’s most troubling questions and confirm that you completely understand their concerns. Second, identify where you and your business can best stay relevant. In other words, only answer questions where your company has expert knowledge. Do not spread yourself thin and attempt to answer anything that you might be unsure of. Lastly, research how other companies attempted to answer these questions. Answer to yourself, how can I explain this better? Put your company’s unique spin on it and give your honest opinion. The key to this is not to just provide an answer or a simple solution, but to provide the best answer. However, remember that it is easy to spot when there is too much ‘fluff’ and this, in turn, can tarnish your credibility.


Utilize Influencers


“People do not buy goods & services. They buy relations, stories & magic”

–Seth Godin of the Gates Foundation


Influencer marketing is a topic on its own. It is so important because it can increase brand awareness, provide a boost in social impressions, and build your following. Building trust with prospective clients should be a top priority for any agency. People trust these experts, which in turn, means that they will trust your content as well. Not sure where to find the perfect influencer for your brand and agency? Dive deep into your niche and make a list of leaders and experts that your audience is engaging with and following. Narrow down on that list by analyzing their reach, their relevance, and their engagement with their audience. Once you’ve narrowed it down, focus on building relationships and trust with those influencers.


Optimize Social Sharing

Many businesses miss out on a ton of opportunity to reach out to a larger audience without even realizing it. Do not sell yourself short and have all of your hard work go to waste by simply hitting ‘publish’ and thinking that you are done. Amplify your social media content strategy by taking your promotions to the next level. The easiest solution to this is to optimize social sharing by placing social sharing buttons to your websites. However, do not simply just slap icons onto your pages, instead, put a little strategy behind it. Focus on the platforms that your audience is engaging with most and encourage readers to spread the word. Research demographics of your audience and find out what platforms they are utilizing and what sort of information they are engaging with and sharing. For example, if your target market is Millennials, understand that they will be engaging more on Instagram than they are Facebook. Also, confirm that the sharing text and image matches the article.

Feeling motivated and want to take it a step further? Turn your social sharing buttons into social proof by displaying how many times it was shared. Most people trust recommendations that come from their peers. Displaying this number will entice others to share it as well. As a final tip, if an audience member shares a post or page of yours, take the time to thank them and deepen customer relationships.



Here at ADventure Marketing, we have a group of social media experts that specialize in unique content creation for every need. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking to boost your social media content strategy with a marketing agency that understands.


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The Best Website Design Trends Happening NOW

The Best Website Design Trends Happening NOW


If you’re looking to grow your business, revamping your website design is a great place to start. Today, the digital world is a crowded place, so here are the top 4 best website design trends going on NOW that will help your business stand out! Put these idea into action and watch your website grow to have the most modish web design out there!

Implement Video


“The media is the message”

-Marshall McLuhan


What better way to add an element of energetic fun to a website than to implement video? Video content is a perfect way to add to your brand tone and bring it to life. Users attract to video content because it can convey many different complex ideas, yet captivate users in a short amount of time. Implementing video is a powerful visual tool that is fundamental to successful responsive web design.  Rather than just adding another boring paragraph, get your team together and create a video that will evoke emotion in your users and set a tone on your website that will entice users to explore more of your site.

Check out some of the video content we created for Armature Works that makes their website come to life!  


ADventurous Color Schemes

Set your website apart from the traditional website design by adding ADventurous color schemes! Right now, we are living in a time of nostalgia. The loud and extreme colors of the 90’s are back and trendier than ever. Reimagined color schemes are a perfect way to show your audience that your business is bold, courageous and confident! Adding some vibrant and clashing colors to your web design is a great way to instantly attract attention. The key to all of this is moderation. Your website should be lively and bold but never distracting or misleading. Yes, the visual experience should be an important factor when building your website however, it should not take away from the most important piece of your website, the content!

Integrated Animations

If you are reading this thinking that your website doesn’t need animations, you should re-think your decision. Being presented with information is no longer part of the user experience. Instead, users are looking to interact with information that is being given. Integrated animations are a perfect way to generate this user experience and create a memorable impression within seconds of visiting your website. Don’t forget to keep in mind that “integrated” is the key word here. Do not include animations for the sake of adding it. Make it purposeful! A tip for doing this is to call attention to your content by strategically building eye-popping animations that will lead the user back to landing pages and to other important content.

Here is an example of sharp and sleek animations that have been perfectly integrated.


Mobile Top of Mind

In 2017, mobile usage officially overtook desktop browsing. Therefore, it is not only important but in fact, VITAL to have a website that is mobile-friendly. Have you ever gone to a beautifully constructed website on a desktop, and then go to that same website on a mobile device and it is hard to read or the images are either crammed or cut-off? It’s aggravating, right? Whether you are browsing on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, your website should modify according to the screen size. A website should be strategically constructed and coded to have your website go mobile. Concentrate on a balance between your website’s personality and functionality and focus on organizing website information intuitively. Ok- are you thinking to yourself, this sounds great and all, but still stuck on how to act on this? No problem, it’s easy! Follow these simple tricks to help ensure you have the best website design! 


Easy Mobile Friendly Tips 


•Create a responsive web design where your “calls to action” are front and center of the page and your secondary tasks are available through menus.

•Keep menus short, sweet, and easy to navigate

•Take advantage of those icons! As previously mentioned, responsive website design is all about the visual experience. An icon is more likely to intrigue a user rather than a word or phrase.

•Create a mobile web design that is easy to navigate back to the homepage. Hint: most users will assume to click the logo in the top corners of the page when trying to navigate back to the homepage.

•It’s important to have a CSS coder handy to make sure your website is truly mobile friendly. If you are looking for help, the Adventure team has the perfect coder for you!



Thinking of revamping your businesses website? At ADventure Marketing, we have a team that will personally construct the best website design that fits all of your professional and personal needs. Contact us in the sidebar for more information!  

ADventure Marketing | A Successful Marketing Agency

How Failure Drove This 22-Year-Old to Launch a Successful Marketing Agency

How Failure Drove This 22-Year-Old to Launch a Successful Marketing Agency

Most 22-year-olds have crumpled up receipts in their wallets; Alicia Waldner keeps a stack of business cards.

While other twentysomethings live in leggings and oversized T-shirts on the weekends, you’ll never catch Waldner wearing anything other than business casual (including heels and full makeup). For Waldner, every moment is an opportunity.

It’s because of this mindset that at age 22 she’s been able to start her own company, ADventure Marketing, LLC. The marketing agency is not only profitable but also boasts 14 clients and a mighty team of seven full-time employees and contractors –– just the beginning of what’s in store.

Failure: A Necessary Detour on the Road To Success

CEO success stories always seem to have a gap.

Each starts at the beginning with what sparked their big idea and then fast-forwards 20 years with the person sitting back, enjoying their success. It seems like no one ever talks about the in-between.

Waldner’s in-between is full of 16-hour workdays, endless to-do lists and coffee. A lot of it.

A year ago, she expected to work a full-time marketing gig once she graduated from The University of Tampa in Tampa, Florida. For over two years, she interned at a company and worked her way to the top of the intern pool.

A week before she walked across the commencement stage, though, the company informed her that the entire marketing department was being cut –– and the job it had promised her was gone.

“I loved everything (the company) had given me, but I felt so betrayed,” Waldner says. “I had put in all of this effort, worked my butt off, and right before my eyes it was gone.”

But those feelings of betrayal didn’t last long. Waldner used it as fuel –– like, super explosive jet fuel.

“I decided right then and there that I didn’t want someone to tell me if I’m going to have a job tomorrow or not,” she explains.

And she meant it.

In April 2016, she paired up with Zach Gresham, one of her old college peers. They decided to take a hack at starting their own business.

They called it A-Z Marketing. The partners wanted it to be a full-service marketing agency, but it just wasn’t in the books for them — yet. The company folded after two months.

“I don’t want to say we were too young, because you’re never too young to start something entrepreneurial,” says Waldner, who was 21 at the time. “But we definitely had things we had to learn on our own, like dealing with clients and having a business in itself, and growing our experience with marketing. We just really needed that time to grow.”

For Waldner, it was just more jet fuel.

She hit the entrepreneurial ground running. From the outside looking in, it seems like she’s been going a thousand miles per hour ever since.

From Freelance to Owning an Agency

A woman types at a computer.Waldner used online webinars and classes through sites like Lynda to learn the ins and outs of WordPress, SEO and coding for her business. Chris Zuppa/The Penny Hoarder

After A-Z Marketing folded, Waldner launched her own freelance marketing business.

She used online webinars and classes through sites like Lynda to learn the ins and outs of WordPress, SEO and coding. She built her own website, using it as a tool to show what she could do.

Waldner worked a full-time sales job, too. Her weeks became 60-hour marathons (and still are). Weekends were nonexistent (she’s still working on gaining them back).

But it paid off. Her freelance business finally had a pool of clients. She kept learning along the way, whether from books or reaching out to people she knew, asking for help.

“My biggest thing was being in uncomfortable situations,” says Waldner. “I forced myself to do things that scared me. And it helped me grow.”

In January 2017, Waldner and Gresham decided to give their partnership another go. The following month, they established ADventure Marketing Inc., and incorporated that August.

Today, their clients include The University of Tampa’s College of Business and Armature Works, a trendy eatery and market in Tampa, among others.

ADventure Marketing is housed in the Sykes College of Business’ Lowth Entrepreneurship Centerat The University of Tampa.

Since Gresham is still a student, they applied for free office space through the university’s accelerator program. They’re contracted to stay until August 2018 and then will apply for free office space through the college’s Spartan Accelerator and Incubator Program. Waldner hopes they’ll be able to take advantage of the free space for as long as possible.

With Success Comes Sacrifice

Woman types on a keyboard
Waldner is constantly working, including responding to messages and developing pitches for clients. To deal with the stress, she goes to the gym late at night or before dawn and practices yoga on Sundays. Chris Zuppa/The Penny Hoarder

In addition to juggling 14 clients, countless prospects and a growing team of employees, Waldner is working to create a professional brand. (If you’ve ever heard of the term #GirlBoss, know that it applies here.)

In March, Waldner gave a speech at a woman’s entrepreneurship event at Xavier University in Cincinnati. Her company recently sponsored an innovation summit in Tampa that brought in over 2,500 attendees.

In her “free time,” she connects college students with The Caspers Company, giving them the opportunity to have hands-on experience by building marketing plans for local McDonald’s franchises.

Waldner recently quit a part-time serving job, something she maintained to help pay the bills while ADventure was still building a strong foundation.

Her father, who lives in Connecticut, doesn’t understand the level her business is functioning at. As Waldner puts it, he thinks she’s “running around down here without a job, making no money.”

“He says to me, ‘Why don’t you go get a real job with your degree?’ But this is my life,” Waldner says. “This is what growing a business is like. I love what I do. He just doesn’t really understand it.”

With everything going on, she deals with an enormous amount of stress on a daily basis. To cope, Waldner heads to the gym as late as midnight or wakes up at 4 a.m. to get a session in. She’s started practicing yoga on Sundays. It’s one of the only times during the week when she can “turn her brain off.”

What’s next for Waldner and the company? Continuing the grind –– and taking on more full-time employees by the end of the year.

“It’s been crazy,” she says. “I never thought this would be happening to me at 22, but here I am –– and I can’t wait to see where we go!”

Kelly Anne Smith is an email content specialist at The Penny Hoarder. Catch her on Twitter at @keywordkelly.