The Team


Zach Gresham

Co-Founder | Sales, SMO, Graphic Design, Photography

Growing up in Colorado and Massachusetts, I had always been a sports player, with snowboarding and baseball at the forefront. But after a snowboard injury that ended these two passions, I searched for something else to spark passion inside of me, and that became photography. Ever since then, my life has surrounded my keen eye for the perfect photo…whether at the beach in Florida, climbing somewhere deep in the Rocky Mountains, trekking Yosemite National Park at 3am looking for the perfect Milky Way photo op, or even traveling abroad to the unknowns of countries such as Iceland.  All of these experiences have fused my passion for photography and knowledge of the market to create the sense of adventure that life is. This who I am- Zach Gresham.

Living in beautiful Tampa, you might find me at Taco Tuesday devouring my favorite food(with a margarita, obviously), hanging out of a helicopter taking photos, or kickin’ it with my cute pup Luna at the beach. I am always seeking ways to expand my creativity, help others reach their goals, and create beautiful imagery and content that captures the best in anything. I live life day by day, take in new experiences with others, and love to socialize. I’m here for the ride that life is, the ride that creates who I am, and the adventures I get to experience along my journey!

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Alicia Waldner

Co-Founder | Branding, SEO, PR, Content Creation

Growing up, I had interest in almost everything. From getting my game face in basketball to wearing the blue overalls in our marching band, I did it all.  Although at the time I was unsure why I had countless hobbies, it is now much more clear to me . I have a natural “go-getter” personality that has pushed me to be the marketer I am today. My endless interest has given me ability to be able to understand people, their interests and how to communicate my ideas with anyone. Coming from a small town in Connecticut, I knew that in order to spread my wings I had to go somewhere that allowed me to strengthen this ability. Thankfully, I flew out of my comfort zone and I am happy to say I landed in Tampa, FL.

As Tampa became my home, so did every coffee shop in the area. Often, you can spot me sipping on a warm tasty vanilla cappuccino. Although I can drink coffee all day, it’s been said that I should limit my caffeine intake to 4 cups a day…can you believe that? Anyways, outside of coffee I enjoy indulging in a strawberry margarita or sweet red wine with my ladies. Daily, I live by my life motto of always being myself and inspiring others. Thankfully, I found a way to combine the two by helping people fulfill their dreams and creating an ADventure as one.